Unity Assets

The Universe generator

The first has already been released, it is designed to be the backbone of space games that require infinate scailability and a link between skybox art and usable gameplay data. It can be difficualt to work with but there's nothing else on the store that can do what it does. Check it out here.

Mega Planet Generator

Currently in development, a voxellike planetary generator designed to generate realistically sized planets, including material based geological layer data much like dwarf fortress. It will require Megasplat.

AE Skybox packs

There have been requests for cheaper skybox only packs from the universe generator. So I will be releasing a number of these.

procedural music DJ

An asset which is currently not in development due to health issues of the person designing music for it, this is designed to mix music together ingame on the fly based off emotional tags and create new themes via overlapping multiple instrument tracks.

Other Unity projects i've worked on

Project Build

An ambitious multiplayer physics simulation building game which ive done some work on to help through occasional difficualties. Check it out the discord here.

Dominatrix Simulator

A more scandelous project, a VR game for those who would like to be ordered around by curvacious goddesses and punished by strict a strict madame can find this on steam and support their ongowing development on patrion.

Prior non unity experiance

I have also worked for weta digital on Big Friendly Giant and Valerian as an assistant technical director, and at GamesLab on pirate isle, final war and ork vs elf as well as an eastern themed game i dont know the title of as a Character Rigger and technical artist.