My Portfolio

Hi, I'm Benjamin Dawson, i've had experiance in almost every aspect of digital design. Much of what i have done has been lost to dead drives and some of it was never released however i will try to gather and describe what i have worked on based on the date

Media Design School - 3D animation and Game Design - 2009 to 2011

Media Design School gave me a great start, this is where i learned most of what i know now about Maya, Zbrush and digital design principles. I did a course in 3D animation where we spent the last three months producing shorts for our show reel and a course in game design where we had finished a game by the end of it. Unfortunately it was almost all lost to a failed external hard drive (Never get Seagate). The only thing i still have from that time is this video i uploaded to youtube to demo my rigging skills to GamesLab before i was hired.

Gameslab - Character Rigging, Physics Simulation, Python Scripting - Sept 2011 to Nov 2013

I was hired on as a Character Rigger at gameslab and worked in tandum with Boaz Ford to rig a huge number of characters over my stay using Maya and prepare them for physics simulation of both cloth and hair. We were both tutored by Dean Finnigan to build our own python scripted tools which allowed us to greatly improve how quickly we could produce fully rigged characters. I made a script that allowed rigs to be transferred between different characters with completely different joint positions with a small amount of skinning touch ups to be done. I worked on a number of different games while i was there, many are unreleased and still under NDA today, however two of them have released and i have found videos of them on youtube. Slot games, but everyone starts somewhere.

Weta Digital - Assistant Technical Director - jan to july 2016

I was hired on contract near the end of production of the big friendly giant to help manage their internal physics simulations in a group of six. While BFG was the main movie i worked on, i also worked on some shots from Valerian and Independance day 2. While i was working at Weta Digial i was eager to prove myself and earn a contract extention so i worked closely with the pipeline team to expand my python scripting knowledge and develop an assistant program that would automatically check for common issues during physics bakes and generate a list of tasks to check as it operates in the background. Unfortunately it was only completed after the decision to rehire me had been made.

Alternate Existence - C#, Shader scripting, networking, web design, Zbrush Design and procedural generation - 2014 +

Between jobs, ive been working on building my own business and constantly expanding my skills. Ive trained myself in C# and HLSL/GLSL within unity and created the universe generator which i believe is the best example of my combination of programming and artistic skill.

I've worked on other unity projects. Dominatrix simulator, a VR game in which i worked mainly on an adapting the VR to an alternate control system for PC users who did not have VR equipment.

Project build, a physics simulation game which i mostly helped with multiplayer networking.

This goatlike alien is an example of my design skill Zbrush and maya.

Included is an example of a procedurally generated world map i created, procedural generation is a subject i have a lot of interest in.

I also built the Alternate Existence website on a base root server as a project to learn server management and website design. The forum uses discourse which i did not have any hand in creating, however the visual style of everything on here was chosen by me.

Work in progress

I've started production on a small multiplayer roleplaying game for ios android and pc, a much more focused experianced than the overscoped project i was working on previously. I've also been working slowly on a planetary generator and procedural music mixer, though those projects are going to wait until the game is made, They were needed for the overscoped version.