Welcome to Alternate Existence

This is a dedicated website for all your roleplaying needs. This is where we give you access to alternate online virtual world and with you, build the ultimate role playing game through the magic of collaborative writing. This isn’t simply simulating a tabletop roleplaying experience, it is creating a massive simulated universe for our characters to inhabit and expand.

The private role playing forums can give you the opportunity to explore the fantastical universe of your imagination, in a way that allows you and others to contribute to creating something far grander. Take part in an epic tale, explore more parts of yourself than you ever thought possible in your life and make lifelong bonds with the people around the world.

  • The forum updates without you needing to refresh for streamlined roleplaying
  • Build groups with ownership of their own self-managed private forum
  • The opportunity to shape the development of a new kind of RP platform
  • Less rules - more creativity

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